Our investment strategy

The investment strategy of Dreyfus Banquiers can be described as conservative. After considering the client's risk tolerance and their individual preferences, the Bank invests mainly in equities, bonds, money-market instruments, precious metals and prudently selected funds. Preference is given to direct investments in the global markets. In order to achieve efficient portfolio solutions investment fund units are also used.

The investment strategy is underpinned by established concepts of classical theory as well as modern behavioural research findings. It is supported by in-house and external risk management systems. Emphasis is given to the fundamental, long-term return prospects, transparency and liquidity of the instruments as well as risk control in order to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment specialists have developed a strategic and tactical asset allocation model that provides the basis for building individual client portfolios. The Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) model defines the long-term investment profile. Particular attention is paid to individual risk tolerance, which is reflected in the length of the investment horizon. The SAA shows the proportions of assets to be invested in equities, bonds, money market papers or alternative investments such as gold and real estate.

The purpose of the Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) is to achieve an additional return for the portfolio. It does this by utilising the benefits of medium and short-term yield and risk variations as compared to the long-term values of the SAA.