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If you have any questions about E-Banking, please contact your personal client advisor.

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E-Banking User Guide

E-Banking User Guide

Terms of use for E-Banking

E-Banking is made available to the user on a desktop device (PC, laptop) via a web browser. The Dreyfus Login App is used for logging in.

Mobile Banking
The Dreyfus Banking App enables the use of E-Banking with a smartphone. Not all functions may be available compared to the E-Banking version. For the login, the Dreyfus Banking App uses the Dreyfus Login App.

It is not possible to access E-Banking via a web browser on a smartphone.

Minimum requirements for the smartphone
A smartphone with the following requirements is needed to use E-Banking:

Flawlessly functioning camera with clean lens without major scratches.

  • Face ID or fingerprint activated as login method
  • Minimum Android or iOS version as specified by the app in the App Store
  • Latest versions of the apps Dreyfus Login and Dreyfus Banking installed (the auto-update of both apps is recommended)
  • Smartphone protected with PIN on restart
  • Internet connection

Running the apps on a tablet is technically possible. However, they have not been specially optimised for tablets.

Minimum requirements for the desktop device (PC, laptop)
A web browser with a current version is required to use E-Banking, e.g. Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.  The device used should have an operating system and virus protection installed, both of which are regularly kept up to date.

Before using E-Banking, the user must identify himself to E-Banking with the Dreyfus Login App using a contract and registration number (in the form of a QR code). This also links the smartphone used to E-Banking.

As part of the user opening process, the customer receives the contract number in a welcome letter and the QR code in a delayed registration letter by post.

The registration must be completed within 30 days, otherwise the validity of the registration code expires.

If the smartphone is changed or the validity expires because of non-utilisation, the user must request a new registration code from Dreyfus Banquiers. This will again be sent to the user by post.

Login procedure

Login on the desktop (PC, laptop) and in the Dreyfus Banking App works without a password using the Dreyfus Login App. On the desktop, the QR code displayed in the web browser after calling up the E-Banking URL must be scanned with the Dreyfus Login App.

On the smartphone, the user must authenticate himself with Face ID or Fingerprint after starting the Dreyfus Banking App.

Logout procedure
For security reasons, it is recommended that users log out of the application properly using the logout function when completing their work, both in the desktop version and in the Dreyfus Banking App.

Updating the Apps
E-Banking requires the installation of the latest version of the two apps Dreyfus Login and Dreyfus Banking. It is recommended that you set up the two apps in the App Store so that they are updated automatically.

Special provisions for payment orders

1. General conditions

In principle, domestic and international payment orders are possible, in particular individual payments and standing orders. The client is also responsible for managing standing orders. The client is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, e.g. date, amount, currency, recipient address, etc. However, Dreyfus Banquiers may restrict, reject or exclude payment orders at any time for regulatory or other reasons. Payment orders are entered online in E-Banking; no payment files can be submitted.

Payment orders issued via E-Banking are processed on bank working days within the normal banking business hours, and outside of these on the next working day.

2. Additional conditions for eBill

eBill is a service provided by SIX that makes incoming invoices available to the client electronically in the eBill client portal. To do so, the client must register once in Dreyfus Banquiers E-Banking and log in to eBill. He must also register for eBill with the desired invoice issuers. As the client leaves the E-Banking area when accessing the eBill portal, it is not possible to rule out the possibility of any conclusions being drawn regarding existing bank details. eBill can be deactivated in E-Banking at any time, although eBill invoices that have already been authorised will still be executed.

Dreyfus Banquiers collects and uses client data for this service, such as surname, first name, address, date of birth, IBAN, etc., which it forwards to SIX in this context. For this purpose, the client releases Dreyfus Banquiers from the statutory confidentiality obligations (bank client confidentiality and data protection). The data will also be made available to the billers to the extent necessary.

The client is responsible for the recording and storage of eBill invoices. They are available in the eBill portal for a period defined by SIX and are no longer available after this period has expired.

As the service is provided by SIX, Dreyfus Banquiers cannot guarantee either fault-free usability or uninterrupted access. The client is responsible for any resulting damage, including in connection with third parties involved by the client. Dreyfus Banquiers also cannot guarantee that eBill will fulfill a specific purpose (e.g. regarding the deduction of VAT) or otherwise serve as a documentary evidence.

Access to the Dreyfus DataSafe (SecureSafe)

Users of the Dreyfus DataSafe (SecureSafe) can also open this in the desktop version of e-banking. The DataSafe documents are then displayed in a separate browser tab. To activate this function, a one-time connection in e-banking with the personal DataSafe account is required, for which 2-factor authentication must be switched on The customer is aware that from this time onwards, no new password will be requested each time the DataSafe is opened in e-banking.

"Messages" function
The "Messages" function is intended exclusively for messages (e.g. for questions or technical problems) and not for placing orders. The client acknowledges that, as a general rule, orders placed via this channel will not be executed, for which Dreyfus Banquiers shall not be held responsible.

Dispatch instructions
Existing dispatch instructions remain valid.