Isaac Dreyfus-Bernheim Foundation

The Isaac Dreyfus-Bernheim Foundation (on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Dreyfus Sons & Co. Ltd, Banquiers) was established in 2013.
The aim was to combine the already existing considerable philanthropic commitment of the owner families and the bank in a foundation close to the house, so that the Foundation Board can devote itself to charitable activities in a comprehensive, focused and independent manner. To make this possible, a substantial contribution from the Bank is transferred to the Isaac Dreyfus-Bernheim Foundation annually.
The purpose of the Foundation is to pursue charitable, humanitarian, cultural and educational objectives, namely the granting of mainly periodic donations (1) to cultural, charitable and humanitarian organisations of all kinds, (2) to organisations in the field of education and research, as well as (3) for the advancement of talented individuals. The Foundation's purpose is broad, which is why the Foundation Board has set priorities. For example, the advancement of the talented individuals involves support for projects as well as institutions and only indirectly for individuals.
 Organisation / Applications

  • The Foundation Board is composed of representatives of the owner families and the bank.
  • Applications must be made in writing and include at least a brief description and a budget.
  • Please note that the Foundation Board meets 3-4 times a year and requires sufficient lead time to assess an application.
  • For further information, please contact the Manager, Mrs. Pascale Eisner.